A Rose by Any Other Name…

Stress can cause both physical and emotional  damage.  Unrelenting stress can prevent our nervous systems from returning to calm balance.  We exist constantly on edge, emotionally drained and physically at risk of developing auto-immune diseases.  

Make the most of stressful situation by changing your attitude.  After all, a weed is just a wildflower in a place that you don’t want it.  Change your viewpoint on the perplexing situation.  Find another way of thinking about it.  Look at the weeds as wildflowers and you will be less stressed. 

We know that weeds in nature have their counterparts in the social fabric.  We can learn to deal with the things that put us outside our comfort zone by changing our perspective.  “Look on the bright side.”  “Count your blessings.” Trite expressions, but good advice. 

It might just be that simple…

Happy Homesteading,