Fairhaven Learning Project

Fairhaven picks up where traditional education leaves off.  Without the critical skills related to our physical, emotional, and economic health, most of us will fail to thrive.  Fairhaven’s goal is to teach sustainable living skills. 


Fairhaven Learning Project


Sunset at Bent Pine Farm


We cannot live in a world that is interpreted for us by others.”  Think for yourself.




Bent Pine Farm is the heart and soul of the Fairhaven Learning Project.   From this modest acreage in West Central Florida we see our family growing up;   we plan for a healthy future, and share what we have experienced with others.

Visit the Farm 

Blue Hen Farm is the Farmstay project we began in Jan 2021 at Bent Pine Farm (our homestead).  We use Airbnb as a booking platform.

Visits to the Blue Hen Farm have been very successful.  We have been booked solid since January.  It’s now August and we are exhausted!

 Our original intent was to teach homesteading to interested families.  We’ve had to alter our plans a bit. 

Folks are not quite ready for homesteading lessons!  People are into the American Dream, conformity and convenience.   Anyway, the coronavirus is supposedly on the upswing again.  That means no classes, indoors at any rate.












VISIT Bent Pine Farm...

Overnight accommodations @ The BLUE HEN FARMSTAY


$10 per person Max 6 people

Call (727) 481-2012 to reserve a date.